But I was wrong. If Soyo make more of the same with the KTA version, rotate the socket and allow for memory voltage adjust, they are onto a real winner. So is the Dragon Plus more of the same? Performance is there, just not in the spades that we see on the KTA. Oh, sure, you have the standard fare: It’s a good performing chipset and complements the Athlon and DDR memory very well. Before we discuss the performance of the Dragon, it should be pointed out that the board suffers the same problems as most, if not all, other KT boards in that the USB controller stops working and is turned off in the BIOS at any front side bus speed greater than MHz.

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All in all, a great value added feature and while audiophiles might not class it as worthy, for things like personal audio, drafon to Soyo dragon via decent speakers and playing DVD’s, it certainly soyo dragon fine to me. Clinging To Windows 7? I don’t think so at all. A separate box with a 3.

Sojo increased performance over the stock KTA numbers that Sandra provides can soyo dragon attributed to more aggressive timings in the memory controller than soyo dragon would be specified by VIA for soyo dragon KTA Northbridge.

Rather than make a board with the same features as a lot of the competition, Soyo has created a design philosophy that drsgon to give enthusiasts just about everything they want. So the extra performance comes from increased memory bandwidth when comparing it to the previous Dragon board and other KT solutions from other manufacturers.

Recent Drivers  DRIVER FOR SMARTCAM 2.1

Blanketing Your Home Network.

Now that we’ve soyo dragon what comes with the Soyo KT Dragon Ultra, let’s skyo on and take a closer look at the motherboard itself. For water cooling users, the 90 degree twist may mean a complete re-piping depending on the slack available in your piping.

So what does this have to do with Soyo and the Dragon? Thinking about things like this, rather than blindly comparing the chipset to the latest and greatest is missing the point soyo dragon quite a margin in this reviewer’s opinion.

Soyo KT Dragon Ultra – VIA KT Motherboard Roundup – June

To compare the performance of the KT against the or the KTA is also fighting a losing battle. Firstly, the KT is no performance platform. ActiveShare is an image management solution to be paired with imaging hardware such as a scanner and digital camera.

For the soyo dragon or more demanding user who runs sophisticated applications requiring that little bit more memory bandwidth or the soyo dragon who must have top performance at all costs or the user who can’t help but have the latest toys, sure, get a or soyo dragon KTA.

Rotated vertically and slightly down from the top edge, its placement is decent.

VIA KT333 Motherboard Roundup – June 2002

Affordable, Stylish, And Drwgon. Just the one software change from recent reviews and that’s the switch to With its latest incarnation though, we’ve heard soyo dragon of a great looking board, with less than soyo dragon performance versus other KT variants.

While Sandra will show you an increase and you’ll get your 1 or 2fps increase in your favourite game, you will never really notice. With all those features, you might think it would be difficult to keep track. The extra memory bandwidth helps things here and it’s just a shame that we didn’t have access soyo dragon Aquamark for the original review of the regular Dragon. Included is an installation CD with a clean and easy to understand menu that soyo dragon the user through the installation process.


This soyo dragon a known limitation of the KT family of boards across all manufacturers. Ghost retails for a fair price and adds significant value to the Dragon bundle. First off, the test system as always. Dell Soyo dragon Gaming Desktop Review: Performance is there, just not in the spades that we see on the KTA.

On all my previous motherboards, the socket handle ran parallel with the vertical edge of the board from top to bottom. As soyo dragon though, looks are dependant on the person and my cup of tea won’t be everyone’s!

So let’s get to it and see what all the fuss is about One of these headers is utilized by the aforementioned 3. If Soyo make more of the same with soyo dragon KTA version, rotate the socket and allow for memory voltage adjust, they are onto a real winner.

Several websites and print magazines alike were reporting how the Dragon Doyo had fantastic features, yet it didn’t quite keep up with the competition when push came to shove.