In the horizontal direction, the usable viewing angles are relatively generous; vertically , even small deviations from the ideal 90 degree viewing angle can lead to over-brightening or darkening of the screen. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Almost all major laptop manufacturers have a range of reasonably priced business models, for instance HP’s Probook range, Lenovo’s Thinkpad SL range or Acer’s Extensa range. For all other special functions brightness, switching to an external monitor you can use combinations involving the Fn key. This is also true of the keyboard and touchpad.

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Dell Vostro 1520 Video Cards

While the back area stays cool, the laptop seems to warm dell vostro 1520 video most underneath the touchpad. However the screen edging is not quite so stable; applying pressure will sometimes cause distortions on dell vostro 1520 video screen. A couple of additional ports would have been nice, along with the option to go beyond this basic level of graphics.

For all other special functions brightness, switching to an external monitor you can use combinations involving the Fn key. How quickly the price rises when you pick options to customize the notebook.

The size of the keys themselves is pretty generousand gostro is surprisingly laid out. The uniformity of brightness also seems fairly even, with only the two lower corners seeming somewhat darker with the naked eye.


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Unscored No review score yet. A quick glance around the case shows the ports on offer.

Here, we are again dependent on our subjective impressions since there were no measuring instruments available during testing. Please, 150 off ad blockers. Review Dell Vostro Notebook. No, create an account now.

The touchpad dell vostro 1520 video simply into the overall design and offers a very smooth matt surface. Memory and storage basic. The same is true for cleaning the fans and Dell Vostro kindly lent to us by: For further details see our vkstro of which games run smoothly on which graphics cards.

Status LEDs, audio ports, card reader. The Buyer’s Guide Find it, buy it and tell us how you really feel. According to Dell, the Vostro can also be supplied with a 46Wh 6-cell battery as well as a larger 9-cell battery with a dell vostro 1520 video capacity.

Dell Vostro 1520 laptop video card drivers

Alternatively you can contact their support services via email; 1502 found that Dell responded within 24 hours, as promised. Left and right of the keyboard, the two loudspeakers hold a very prominent position.

However, the perforated covers providing airflow to major system components are a little more sensitive to pressure. Simple office uses like word processing, spreadsheets and web surfing present no problem, and even simple image manipulation programs run without difficulties on the machine. Dell vostro 1520 video you can help, thank you so much. FireWire, 2x USB 2.


Dell vostro 1520 video the Vostro is very well suited to its target market, with good office performance and a matt screen option. Maximum battery life Readers Test. An upgrade of the CPU as well as the graphics card would make sense in some circumstances, to get better looking graphics and also improve the picture refresh rate.

Our thanks go to Vowtro Fam.

Microphone, headphone, Card Reader: When the lid passes below a certain minimum angle it closes automatically. The machine can get rather warm in places, both top and bottom.

The slightly tapered shape of the notebook, with an downward-sloping basemakes for comfortable typing. The size of the pad is perfectly adequate.