Might consider running with the pack on this one. We have a 2 story home, with up to 5 devices accessing the modem at a given time. Very easy to install and I just like the placement of the plugs and the display lights on the unit. So I bought this thing after reading a few glowing reviews on Amazon. Not only does this product work easily and effortlessly at far less the cost than what I found in stores, but the support staff is wonderful. Work’s great and can’t go wrong for the price that why I give it 5 stars so far so good Microcategory:

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For those who still have the older mac computer after they switched the operating system to intel and wish to switch to wireless networking after useing inline routers Impressive signal strength and Speed. Still very very much worth it since it is a High Speed Class Posted by Awal at 9: I’m very happy afetrthemac this product.

I can’t recommend this product or this company enough. The afterthemac n300 works well and is able to handle multiple devices attached to it at once. It afterthemac n300 very easy to install and gives me good wireless connectivity.

It afterthemac n300 so helpful and they were extremely patient while I worked my way through my questions. This has the effect of making streaming audio and video very ‘stuttery’, since the CPU is busy simply running the wireless utility.


Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. I only wish the tech support would have suggested this easy solution earlier maybe something afterthemac n300 could include in their future versions of the instruction afterthemac n300 I now have my Mac upstairs bedroom and still the signal strength is great.

AftertheMac n300 Mac 802.11n USB Wireless Adapter Dual Antennae MiMo

Very good product easy to install. And what I liked is that afterthemac n300 my afterthemac n300 And this usb antennae worked at the same time. Not the best but it does work. I bought this to replace the failed Airport card on my G4 iBook.

[ubuntu] AftertheMac N USB?

Great way to add afterthemac n300 capability to an experienced MAC laptop. The Afterthemac n is the way to go! So I bought this thing after reading a few glowing reviews afterthemac n300 Amazon. Unfortunately, none of the solutions John suggested worked for me, leaving me frustrated.

Very simple and straight forward design without any antennas sticking out. After a couple hours of troubleshooting with afterthemac n300 support on this by the sellerit almost has afterthemac n300 range of the stock iBook wireless system.

If you want to be able to play your Kindle when you get where your going get one of these.

best wireless n adapter: AftertheMac n Mac n USB Wireless Adapter Dual Antennae MiMo

I have an older imacG3 and I’m running Aftertemac Did a speed test on Speakeasy afterthemac n300 am hitting the maximum as if I were directly plugged in to the cable modem. I have no complaints.


I don’t think that I’ll ever be without a Nook in the future. You cant go wrong with this but can go way wrong with other routers.

All in all, it works, but not as well afterthemac n300 the stock Airport which unfortunately is not repairable in any other way.

I contacted Afterthemac n300 via email and they immediately sent afterthemac n300 a download link for the current driver, which was easily installed.

Afterthemac n300 driver

You cant get widgets best things ever and it looks like something from many many years ago. The afterthemac n300 in 1 Card reader for iPad was an excellent purchase and I’ve used it several times already.

Should’ve bought this a long time ago, it’s a no brainer! The blue LED lights inside make it easy to see in the dark space behind my monitors. For me only works afterthemac n300.